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Tag Manager GUI for adding Structured Data

April 30, 2020

Take the easily extendable variable template from the Community Gallery

Tag Manager GUI for adding Structured Data

Have you ever wanted to comfortably add some structured data to a web property without touching backend code, preferably using Google Tag Manager?

Now you can do just that with a new custom variable which is available in the Community Gallery.

Directly accessible in GTM, search for Structured Data.

Or, follow the link

More details can be found in the Readme file which is included in the repository. Also, there’s a small custom html tag included with which you can actually add the output of the variable to your website.

And yes, this is SEO-proof, according to Google :)

PS: The extension doesn’t support all schema types out there, but I created it in an easily extendable way. So if you feel that something is missing and you want to understand how extension works, just ping me.

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